Packing for Vacation and How to Dress Your Best Without Bringing Too Many Bags

One of my favorite things to do is travel and I have started to become pretty savvy as I pick up tips and trips along the way. The funny thing is that the more I know, the more I tend to complicate things sometimes. However, I am starting to learn more about minimizing what I bring with me. I used to be of the mindset that I needed to bring everything with me so that I would be prepared for anything. Then, I started to realize that there was way too much to carry if I brought everything I thought I might need for any situation that might arise.

With the holidays right around the corner, it is almost vacation season. That means now is the time to start thinking about where you are going if you haven’t already. Some people say that the best time to book a vacation for the holidays is during the summer because there are all sorts of summer deals and things tend to be cheaper if you book farther out. However, there can also be really great last-minute deals. As long as you use a website like Hotwire to book your trip, you will be guaranteed to pay the lowest price possible, either way.

Once you have booked your trip, you can go ahead and start thinking about what you need to bring with you. If you are like me, you usually want to pack a million outfits so that you will be comfortable and fashionable no matter what you end up doing. I am here to tell you that you no longer have to jam as many options as possible into the largest suitcase you won, because there are some great tricks to fit everything you need in a smaller bag.

Only Pack Versatile Pieces

When you are packing for a trip that has multiple activities you should be able to prepare for all of them while reusing some of your clothes for different occasions. As most people recommend, I am going to be cliché and say that you need an LBD (little black dress) or a button-down shirt that can be used for more formal or casual events. You should also be considering the color scheme of your other clothes, it would be ideal if you could try to match some of your outfits so you can use the same shirt with two different bottoms, for example.

Pack Like A Pro

I cannot remember where I first learned it, but every since I can remember, I have been rolling my items into cylinders instead of folding them into squares or rectangles. The rolling technique allows you to maximize the space in your suitcase because it suppresses all the air out of everything and allows you to turn all of your items into tight little packages. I cannot begin to tell you how many people I have shocked with the number of things I can fit into a carry-on bag. It may make my bag heavy but it fits!