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Vintage Fashion Means Something Different

If you were to ask ten women on the street what they thought vintage fashion was, in all likelihood you would get ten different answers. Some people would refer to Audrey Hepburn, others to Jackie Kennedy, others to Jane Austen, others to Farah Fawcett, and others to Nicole Richie. The truth is, vintage fashion means something different for everyone. Vintage fashion is the hottest trend right now and every style icon of today is mirroring style icons of yesterday, no matter who they are, in their own unique way. The key to making vintage fashion hot for you, is to make it your own. You start off with the key staples that you like best, and add the right pop of vintage accessories and make the old new again in a very contemporary way.

Vintage accessories are the hottest way to make a sleek contemporary look turn vintage. All you need to do is add the right vintage hand bag, shoe line, or even a cameo broach to a modern black turtleneck and you have got a vintage look that will make heads turn.

Let’s start with a